Arta Carrier Guide


Thank you for working with Arta! We work to provide all our clients with the same experience across our network of carriers. To help us deliver a standard service, please read the following:

Scheduling Communications

When booking your services, Arta will ask for an anticipated collection date(s). We send this date(s) to the origin location contact via email.

Arta will provide the origin location and contact information to coordinate pickup.

We expect our carriers to call or email the origin location 24 hours ahead of pickup to confirm the collection date and anticipated time of arrival.  We also require a call 30 minutes to one hour ahead of arrival.

When emailing the client regarding the collection appointment, we recommend using our template at the bottom of this page to ensure all relevant information is included.

Collection & Condition Checks

When on-site, our carriers are an extension of Arta and our clients.  All communications should be professional and informative. If there is any issue or change in scope on-site, contact Arta at 646-828-7333.

Outside of business hours, please make sure to note all discrepancies in object details, release contacts, or services on the collection paperwork and signed by the person on site.

To prevent claims on pre-existing damage, always photograph items at the origin location.  

Arta requires one to two focused images of the front and back of the item.  

If there are outlying conditions not specifically mentioned on the collection paperwork, photograph two to three additional images of the area and note this on the BOL for the release contact to sign and confirm.

Packing & Labels

Arta will provide a packaging recommendation based on the item material, value, and dimensions provided. However, because Arta is never in possession of the physical item, we ultimately defer to our carriers and expect you to exercise your expertise when determining the most economical packaging for safe delivery. If you determine that different packaging is required, please reply to Arta and let us know.

Arta has negotiated pricing with various carriers and will typically send a label for shipments we book. Click the link in our email to print all pages of the label and, if applicable, customs paperwork.

Arta expects our carriers to release to or drop off at the courier (UPS, FedEx, DHL). If you need Arta to schedule a pickup, reply to our team.


Please send all invoices to You must include the Arta Reference (provided in the header of every Arta email) to have the invoice paid.

Arta pays our carriers via bank transfer or check via As a new carrier, you will be sent an invitation to provide bank information to set up ACH Payments.

For new carriers, Arta can pay via credit card. Please send your invoice, including the Arta Reference and credit card authorization form to the team member who booked your services.

Common Arta Packing Recommendations

Foam Lined Box – Cardboard box filled with foam padding on all six internal sides.
Strongbox – Reinforced triwall or plywood box lined in esta foam and ester foam.
Parcel Crate – Wood structure for one way movements of items shipped via parcel carrier.

Double Box – Cardboard box with additional foam and cardboard box inside.
Poly & Cardboard – Object is wrapped in poly with a cardboard face or corners.


Portfolio – Object must be wrapped in glassine and packed between as many pieces of double-ply cardboard as is necessary to ensure there is no movement in transit. Corners are taped to cardboard to ensure the artwork is secured.

Carrier Collection Email Template

Please use the email template below as a guide when corresponding with clients.

Subject Line:

Collection Appointment for [Org Name] and Arta – [Public Reference] / [Shortcode]


Hi there,

We are reaching out to arrange a collection on behalf of Arta and [Org Name] for the following item(s):  

[copy Object information from Arta email]

We have availability to collect on [date, and time if available]. If there is a conflict, please reply here with your availability.

Please confirm that the following collection address and contact information is correct:

[copy origin address & contact information from Arta email]

Our team will collect the item(s) from your location and bring them to our warehouse to safely package for transport. Please advise if there are any stairs, gates, etc., that may require additional services so that we can arrive fully prepared for collection.

Thank you,

[Name and company]

We appreciate your cooperation. If you have any issues or questions please contact Arta at 646-828-7333.

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