April 24, 2019
Meredith Blechman

Inspiring Initiatives: Maquette Fine Art Services and OneTreePlanted

In partnership with OneTree Planted, Maquette will plant one tree for every crate they build.  

Maquette announced their partnership with OneTreePlanted in March, sparking a conversation about environmental consciousness in the Fine Art Logistics industry. Through this collaboration, one tree will be planted for each crate built by Maquette.

OneTreePlanted is a non-profit organization devoted to global reforestation by partnering with on the ground organizations specializing in reforestation in different regions of the world to promote a healthy mix of tree species. You can learn more about their initiative here and check out their Global Forest Tracking Map here.

Maquette Fine Art Services seems to be an obvious partner as they are a conscientious group of professionals rooted in their mission: “Mindful service has been at the heart of our company’s philosophy from its inception …. By listening to our clients and to the people that make up Maquette, we allow for our company’s energy to be focused on what matters most in a service industry, the client’s happiness and satisfaction.” Their efforts go beyond this single partnership with OneTreePlanted, and starts with considering their lumber supplier, all the way to donating their supplies to New York public school programming through Materials for the Arts.

We had a chance to chat with Maquette about their green initiatives, their vision for the industry, and how individuals can plant a tree through their partnership with OneTree Planted.

Q: When and how did you stumble upon OneTreePlanted and what inspired your involvement?

A: We had been directly challenged by some of our clients asking to see more of a green initiative effort from our industry and we agreed. Anyone working in fairs or exhibitions knows the volume of material wasted in production. We did some research and spoke with some friends upstate working with AmeriCorps and the state park service. When asking about sustainability programs to support, One Tree Planted was referred.

Q: Do you see others in the industry making strides to be more environmentally conscious?

A: We’ve worked with Ship/Art International who provide shuttle service between New York and San Francisco and we were impressed with their green statement prominently showcased on their homepage. We also donate to Materials for the Arts here in Queens who take extra material and supplies and repurpose them into arts programming for public schools.

Q: Are there steps you take to reduce your footprint in crate production? When a client asks to dispose of a crate what does that actually mean?

A: With a crate shop you can look first at having a sustainably conscious supplier. We work with lumber suppliers that are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council® and are members of the SFI® Sustainable Forestry Initiative. We always make an effort to recycle crates, it helps us expedite production and it’s cost effective for our clients. When a crate is finally set for disposal though, all handles and metal hardware are stripped and reused for the next one in production.

Q: How do you hope the industry changes in the next five years?

A: This is an industry centered around artists, so we think it will require these artists and their studios demanding better efforts be made within the industry. There needs to be more awareness and sharing of environmentally conscious practices.

Q: Is there any way we can track the trees you’ve plants through OneTreePlanted?

A: Their website has all the information needed and it’s easy to sign up. You can select from a number of regions in particular to support or opt to send your donation wherever it will help the most.

Meredith Blechman

Meredith is a marketer with 15+ years of experience across CPG, ad agency, consumer tech and SaaS. She spent the last 10 years building marketing teams and strategy at early to mid-stage tech startups. Now, she consult for climate-focused companies.

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