November 16, 2021
Meredith Blechman

Now Live: Arta + Artsy Integration

Last month, our API integration with Artsy, the leading global online art marketplace, went live, allowing collectors to receive instant shipping costs, book and pay for shipments, and receive tracking updates for select Buy Now and Make Offer works listed on the platform. As of this week, these features are now available for all Buy Now and Make Offer works shipping within the domestic U.S. (international shipping coming soon!). Through this partnership, Artsy is furthering its commitment to providing its 2 million+ global collectors a friction-free art buying experience, during and after the purchase.

Commenting on Artsy’s partnership with Arta, Dustyn Kim, Chief Revenue Officer, said: “It is our priority to make sure that the process of buying, selling and discovering art on Artsy is seamless, especially as we’re seeing collectors become increasingly more comfortable buying high-value pieces online at the click of a button. Our partnership with Arta is the latest step in bringing industry-leading technology to our platform and making it even easier to buy art online.”

About the Integration

The new Artsy Shipping feature is powered by Arta through a full, custom API integration of the full range of Arta's products including instant quotes, booking, tracking, and notifications. This new feature ensures a seamless checkout and post-sale experience for Artsy collectors.


For all Buy Now and Make Offer works (shipping within the domestic U.S., for now), buyers can calculate shipping costs instantly, ensuring total costs are known upfront at the time of purchase. Powered by Arta's instant quotes, collectors can choose from multiple shipping options at various service levels, giving them the ability to weigh cost, speed of delivery, and level of handling to determine the shipping method that works best for them.


Artsy leveraged our Booking feature to streamline the checkout process for buyers, providing a user experience consistent with any other online purchase. Shipping costs are itemized at checkout and included in the total purchase price, so customers can pay for all costs in a single transaction. In most fine art transactions, and prior to the integration, shipping was calculated after the item was purchased, and coordinated and paid for offline. A process that used to take days to weeks now takes a matter of seconds for Artsy’s collectors, making it even more efficient to purchase art online.


Buyers can view the shipping status of their purchase on Artsy tracking pages, powered by Arta's tracking webhooks. While consumers are used to detailed shipment tracking from Parcel shippers, more granular insight from fine art or white glove handlers has not been easily accessible in the past. Arta has built a proprietary tracking system that provides more regular updates on shipment status from these transport providers.


Building off the public tracking page available to buyers, Artsy uses Arta webhooks to undergird their entire notification workflow. So that buyers don’t have to constantly check the tracking page to view shipment status, Artsy built email notifications that trigger as important shipment milestones are achieved. These notifications are intended not only to keep buyers informed but also to reduce straightforward customer service inquiries stemming from questions around shipment status.

Check out some of the galleries below to browse works for sale and test out the integration:

Artspace Warehouse

Robert Klein Gallery

Michali Gallery

Asya Geisberg Gallery

We are excited to see these features roll out further across Artsy’s platform, and we look forward to launching international solutions in the coming months.

Meredith Blechman

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