February 22, 2022
Meredith Blechman

Now Live: Arta x The Art Pledge

We are excited to work with The Art Pledge (TAP), a newly launched global marketplace for contemporary art, to automate the post-sale experience for sellers and buyers. The mission of TAP is to help galleries, artists, institutions, collectors, and art lovers make contemporary art a meaningful force for a better life, planet, and future. 10% of every sale is donated to a cause chosen by the artist and an NGO chosen by the collector.

Supporting life on the planet

At the heart of The Art Pledge’s ethos is the support of social and environmental causes, and Arta is proud to support them to achieve their goals. TAP worked with Arta partner The Carbon Accounting Company to build an emissions calculator into their platform that displays emissions of every shipment. Arta is working to offer lower-emission shipping options via sea freight wherever possible, which will launch soon. Moreover, each shipment is offset by Arta and TAP through the protection of a primary forest in the same region as the NGO project chosen by the buyer.

Streamlining the post-sale process for sellers and collectors

The Art Pledge, while based in Europe, showcases an international roster of artists and galleries to collectors across the globe. TAP is focused on building a completely frictionless buyer experience, tapping Avalara to calculate duties and taxes, Arcarta for AML automated checks, and Klarna for buy now, pay later. Given our global reach and best-in-class technology offering, Arta was selected to power the post-sale experience and fulfillment services. Through a custom API integration, Arta provides The Art Pledge’s buyers and sellers with instant shipping quotes, single checkout, shipment tracking, and notifications, as well as end-to-end fulfillment services.

“The Art Pledge has chosen Arta as its shipping partner for three reasons: first, for the most comprehensive user interface for instant quotes, with many choice options for the buyer; second, their Sustainability White Paper convinced us they were the right partner for TAP, and together we go a major step further with our CO2 calculator allowing customers to make informed choices, and Arta x TAP offering a CO2 offset on primary forests; third, we’ll soon be able to offer a free return option on 8 major hubs in the world, providing even more confidence to collectors in buying with Arta and TAP.”  – Didier Saulnier, Founder & CEO, The Art Pledge

To buy art rooted in meaning and impact, visit theartpledge.org.

Meredith Blechman

Meredith is a marketer with 15+ years of experience across CPG, ad agency, consumer tech and SaaS. She spent the last 10 years building marketing teams and strategy at early to mid-stage tech startups. Now, she consult for climate-focused companies.

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