March 29, 2022
Rachael Gilpin

Sustainable Company Spotlight: Barder

To tackle climate change, Arta is continually adopting more sustainable practices as well as highlighting other organizations that align with our climate-conscious values. We’ll continue to share the steps we’re taking to minimize our carbon emissions and the businesses we’re partnering with to alleviate environmental challenges.

Shipping and receiving collectible items requires a significant amount of packaging. The material needed to successfully ship delicate items often goes to waste after a single-use, adding to the burgeoning climate crisis. Barder has been taking commendable action toward mitigating this issue, and we’re thrilled to promote its thoughtful objective.

This peer-to-peer initiative was founded upon the idea that materials don’t always need to be reproduced or thrown away, they often already exist within the collective art space. Barder wants to leverage these untapped resources to reduce waste for a more ethical marketplace.

Barder has created a platform where buyers and sellers can connect and acquire materials that go unused or would otherwise be thrown away for a more circular economy. You can list and find items like shipping crates and bubble wrap to reduce the environmental impact associated with building crates from scratch or sending used materials to landfills.

Artists, institutions, and auction houses can post unused material to sell, lend, trade, or donate, and all donations are tax-deductible. Small businesses and artists can benefit by sourcing materials at more affordable rates, and sellers benefit from freed-up gallery and warehousing space. Beyond the sustainability advantages, many individuals and organizations are eager to part with excess material to reduce storage needs or save on costs of hauling products away.

Beyond packing materials, you can source AV equipment, pedestals, art supplies, and more. The platform is free to use for anyone with internet access.

Barder is committed to cultivating a more connected and sustainable creative space through reducing waste and affordable packaging, and Arta is proud to support its endeavors. To list or search for excess packaging, visit

Rachael Gilpin

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