March 11, 2019

International Fulfillment Solutions & Arta's Instant Air Freight Quotes

Arta's international air freight instant quotes provide lower costs and the same high-quality, reliable services for all your international fulfillment solutions. Arta Instant Quotes—which also includes U.S. and European Road Freight—provides guaranteed rates that can be booked instantly.

International Fulfillment Solutions

International fulfillment solutions provide businesses with a way to efficiently and effectively manage fulfilling orders for customers outside of their home country. These solutions are essential for companies that want to expand their reach and tap into the global market. Arta specializes in end-to-end international fulfillment services by coordinating complex logistics for items that require more than just a box, including fine art, design objects, furniture, and collectibles.

Our fulfillment solutions provide a wide range of support, enabling businesses to offload quoting, booking, shipping, tracking, and email automation. This support can save resources and time, allowing businesses to focus more on growth and optimization.

Another advantage of global fulfillment solutions is that they can help businesses reduce the cost of shipping and handling for their international customers. By partnering with Arta, you have access to all of our established relationships with international carriers, enabling your business to access discounted shipping rates and pass your savings on to customers.

COVID-19 and Global Fulfillment Risks

The risks related to COVID-19 and global fulfillment can have significant impacts on businesses, including delays, increased costs, reduced demand, and health and safety risks for workers. It is important for businesses to carefully assess and manage these risks in order to minimize their impact. Here’s what you need to know so you can plan for any such impediments.

Reduced warehouse capacity

Warehouse labor may be at reduced capacity to mitigate potential health risks. In some cases, local government mandates may temporarily shut warehouses down, which can significantly impact fulfillment and cause delays. Understanding the effects of closures can help you better set customer expectations when estimating timelines.

Warehouse closures

As workforces become reduced and warehouse closures rise, worldwide shipping and fulfillment could halt, prompting businesses to re-evaluate supply chains and international fulfillment solutions. Exploring supply chain diversification and resilience is one way to adapt to these obstacles. If a warehouse you use closes, redirect your inventory to a fulfillment center still in operation.

Supply chain disruptions

Disruptions impact not only warehouse production but shipping companies, too. With so much uncertainty around the supply chain, it’s critical to communicate regularly with customers and fulfillment partners. Constant communication will help build trust and allow you to manage expectations better. Consider providing conservative fulfillment estimates and reducing shipping options, so you can ensure customers remain happy.

Worldwide fulfillment and how Arta can help

Arta is the only company that provides both powerful logistics software and end-to-end fulfillment services for high-value goods and collectibles. We automate end-to-end logistics and provide shipping and service costs at the point of sale. With reduced shipping rates and expanded coverage through Arta International Air Freight Instant Quote, sellers can provide more for less.

Expanded coverage

Arta launched Air Freight Instant Quote in March 2019, covering 33 major hubs worldwide. Based on customer demand and feedback, Arta is expanding coverage to 39 hubs across 25 countries (the full list is below). Within each hub, we offer our Arta Premium service, which includes Fine Art handling, export formalities, import clearance, collection, and delivery. Arta is proud to provide our services across 60+ countries; if your collection or delivery location is not close to an Instant Quote international hub, you can still use Arta's Custom Request Form to request rates for your shipment.

Lower rates

In addition to our expanded hub network, we are pleased to pass on significant savings to our users made possible through aggressive air freight discounts. We have been working hard to secure these discounts to ensure we offer the most competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Our users can expect the same premium, reliable services they have always enjoyed with Arta. Key lanes, such as LHR-NYC, NYC-LHR, CDG-NYC, and NYC-CDG, have been reduced by 10-20% from our March launch rates.

Arta makes worldwide fulfillment easy

Overall, Arta's services can help businesses efficiently and effectively manage fulfillment worldwide. By leveraging Arta's global network of carriers, expertise in international shipping, and technology-driven solutions, your business can expand its reach and improve its operations easily.

For those looking for additional customs guidance for international fulfillment solutions, please reach out to learn more about how Arta's end-to-end fulfillment technology can help.

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