July 14, 2022
Rachael Gilpin

Now Live: Arta x The Expert

The Expert has recently integrated Arta's API, and we’re excited to highlight their innovative endeavors. The Expert connects individuals with top interior designers enabling clients to seek advice when creating stylish, curated spaces. Experts are available to consult on various design aspects, from floor planning, to decor, to cabinetry, at significantly lower costs than traditional interior design firms.

By leveraging Arta's eCommerce infrastructure, clients can purchase furnishings for their spaces directly through The Expert, reducing the need to go off-site. Clients can browse collections of custom, refurbished vintage furniture to find unique, individual pieces.

Like many eCommerce sites, The Expert aimed to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase conversion. With Arta's technology, The Expert provides a click-to-buy eCommerce experience with upfront shipping costs and frictionless checkout. Along with Arta's sub-two-second latency, the streamlined purchasing journey improves bounce rates, minimizes abandonment, and boosts revenue.

Shipping presented a separate challenge for the company due to its wide range of bespoke furniture. By leveraging Arta's automated solutions, The Expert offers various shipping methods to suit a variety of client needs.

Integrating with Arta's API has helped our company unlock a wide range of transportation and shipment services to offer our clientele with the click of a button. Whether it’s a standard ground shipment all the way to a premium white-glove service, Arta continues to find ways to meet the needs of our clients and proactively raises opportunities to leverage their resources and better our business.”

Donny Washburn, Director of Logistics – The Expert

For those interested in consulting through The Expert, standard consultations are 55 minutes, and the company suggests preparing questions beforehand to optimize your time. However, you can always book a follow-up session for further advice. Several Experts are available for shorter 25-minute consultations, catering well to those looking for minimal guidance or a few specific needs.

Once a consultation is booked, clients can upload images or presentations to discuss during the consultation. Appointments are accessible through Zoom via mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, allowing clients to take their Expert around their home or space to show exactly what they’re looking to improve.

To learn more about The Expert you can visit their website at TheExpert.com.

If you’re interested in learning how Arta can help your business grow, please reach out here.

Rachael Gilpin

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