May 10, 2022
Rachael Gilpin

Arta's ECD: Streamlining International Shipping Documentation

When scaling marketplaces and platforms internationally, export complexities can prohibit expansion. Arta's Export Customs Documents (ECD) feature automates the customs filing procedure and opens doors for sellers to do business on a global scale.

Streamlining Export Documentation for International Shipping

When scaling marketplaces and platforms internationally, the complexities around export compliance can be nuanced and intimidating— to the point where it can be prohibitive for sellers to expand their customer base to a global audience. Arta's Export Customs Documents (ECD) feature automates the customs filing procedure and opens doors for sellers to do business on a global scale.

The tedious process associated with shipping internationally becomes straightforward and expedited with Arta’s ECD. Our workflow streamlines these steps by gathering the necessary information and authorization to automatically generate a commercial invoice, as well as file the corresponding documents with each country’s customs clearance systems.

By offloading international compliance to Arta, marketplaces and platforms can focus on their core business. Below we detail how this feature can be leveraged and what this means for our clients.

Client Benefits with Arta’s ECD Feature

  • Expedites documentation and commercial invoice creation
  • Guaranteed international compliance
  • Expands business opportunities to a global scale

Coordinating international export documentation requires extensive back-and-forth communication and researching each country’s unique requirements. Particularly with marketplaces, obtaining customs information can be a challenge since Sellers may not have a relationship with the shipper or exporting agent.

Beyond standard information, a Power of Attorney (POA) is required just about any time a third party transacts customs business on behalf of an individual or partnership exporting from the United States. Gathering all this is often a lengthy process.

Through our product’s automated procedure, communication is made directly with the seller, collecting only the information required to export based on the shipment’s attributes; when necessary, the seller signs an electronic Power of Attorney, all in one step. Arta’s automation streamlines this entire process, making the work easier for registrars and logistics staff, and provides an ideal technological solution for digital sellers looking to expand internationally.

Further, with the ECD feature, we can now support our self-ship service tier internationally, along with all other service levels.

Challenges of Shipping Internationally

Electronic Export Information (EEI) is the information and authorization required by the United States Customs that allows Arta to export goods from the US on behalf of clients. Historically, this information is provided via a commercial invoice and a POA for each shipment. However, navigating how to provide this information for each transaction can be confusing.

Another hurdle when shipping internationally is generating a commercial invoice, the document required by the individual or business exporting an item across international borders, which is used as a customs declaration. The information required to generate a Commercial invoice varies by the shipment’s attributes, including Export Country, Import Country, and Object Value. Our ECD feature removes the guesswork and streamlines the data collection process which often requires lengthy back-and-forth communication.

Further, complications often arise when identifying an internationally-shipped item with the correct HS (Harmonized System) code, which is paramount to a smooth transaction. Arta's automation helps navigate this process. HS codes are standardized numbers used to classify internationally traded products and used by customs authorities to identify products when assessing duties and taxes.

Arta's ECD streamlines these challenges, making the process simple and straightforward, letting clients focus on their primary business objectives.

*We are currently working on creating a preselected group of HS codes for commonly shipped objects for further streamlining and will keep you updated on its release.


Why do I need a Tax ID?

Many countries require a Tax ID to clear customs. Failure to present a tax ID upon an object’s arrival could lead to the item’s return or abandonment. Tax ID requirements vary by export country but we typically suggest exporting under an EIN in the US and EORI in the UK and EU.  Social Security Numbers are still accepted for exporting Parcel goods from the US.

Are international customs declarations required for every international shipment?

Countries within the European Union do not require customs documentation from fellow EU countries. However, shipments from countries outside the EU will require customs declarations. Further, shipments from the US to other US Territories don’t always require documentation, but we strongly suggest verifying upon booking as rules are subject to change.                                                                                                  

Is the Automated ECD feature available for all shipments?

The Automated Export Customs Documents feature is available for all shipments being exported from the US, EU, and the UK across all quote types. We’ll keep our clients updated as new markets are launched.

If you’re interested in global expansion and Arta's ECD feature, please reach out at, and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

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