June 2, 2022
Rachael Gilpin

The Importance of Comprehensive and Structured Data for Custom Integration

Arta's data requirements allow us to provide quotes at the best and most economical rates and safe packing recommendations to ensure swift and successful shipments. To do this, our API needs comprehensive, structured data to extract the information necessary to provide quotes and object-specific handling guidance.

We recognize that clean data might be a challenge for any client and Arta provides a series of implementation meetings to ensure a smooth and easy transition.

Benefits of Comprehensive Data

We keep Arta's data standards high due to the nature of our industry. Our software requires data to be provided in a computer-readable format so that all the information can be easily extracted and analyzed. Collectible items are extremely nuanced and each piece is unique, so having complete data ensures our API has the information it needs.

Keeping data structured and thorough allows for an API integration with minimal friction and nominal adjustment to your business. This allows our API to generate the best quotes and provide specific instructions for safe and secure transport.

Object Data

When compared to mass-produced goods, collectible items are often unique and cumbersome to ship, requiring customized packaging for safe shipping. Due to these needs, we collect specific data so that we can provide secure, efficient, and economical quotes and recommendations.

We gather data on an object’s:

  • Object Type (list generated by Arta)
  • Materials
  • Dimensions (H x L x D)
  • Fragility
  • Weight (when known and necessary)
  • Object’s current packing (if applicable)

Further, you can store your own reference number on objects created in Arta's system so they are easily recognizable to your teams and customers.

We support object data in metric and imperial measurements, and the following five currencies:

  • United States Dollar
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Great British Pound
  • Hong Kong Dollar

Having a comprehensive taxonomy of object types enables us to provide accurate quotes and more secure packing recommendations. For new-to-market sellers, our taxonomy can help them develop their own, and, for other clients, our team is available to assist in mapping your object types or categories to ours.  

Location Data

The other major factors around data revolve around locations. Our API asks for details around destinations and origins including address and contact information like name, email, and phone numbers. We require this information because of the customizable logistics options we provide, and because many large artworks call for in-home collection and installation.

To book a shipment*, we require the following details for Origin & Destination locations.:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email
  • Address

*Fewer details can generate a non-bookable estimate.

Customers are able to provide multiple contacts for the post-purchase tracking experience, should they choose, allowing for multiple parties to remain updated on the object’s whereabouts. Alternatively, clients can leverage Arta's hosted tracking pages with no additional work needed.

Our e-commerce infrastructure provides automated end-to-end transaction, fulfillment, and post-purchase technology, and to maintain its high integrity the data requirements are equally comprehensive.

If you’re looking for end-to-end logistics technology solutions, Arta is here to help. We’re happy to answer any questions regarding a clean data structure and any other queries you might have at hello@arta.io.

Rachael Gilpin

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