Stress-free sales on one seamless platform.

Commerce technology designed to simplify checkout and fulfillment for collectibles.

Easy tech for complex sales

Care for your cards

Offer buyers instant, transparent, and easily bookable shipping and insurance within the e-commerce experience.

Hassle-free sales with 100% order visibility

Automated label generation and packing specifications for sellers combined with end-to-end order tracking and notifications for seller, buyer, and marketplace.

Offer asset protection during transit

Buyers can elect to insure trading cards and collectibles from the moment Arta takes possession until they’re delivered to their final destination.

Reduce overhead by 80%

Automate manual tasks, reduce inbound inquiries, and grow sales without the burden of increased expenses.

Expand into global markets with ease

Connect sellers and buyers across 60+ countries with customs automation and comprehensive international coverage.

Fulfillment handled with care on one easy platform.

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