Offer protection with embedded insurance solutions

Make it easier for your buyers to find coverage for their newly acquired items by embedding insurance solutions throughout the e-commerce experience. 

Coverage for any type of collectible,
at any time.

At point-of-sale 

Leverage sophisticated policies at checkout and ensure items make it home by requiring transit insurance with each shipment. 

Throughout transit

Empower buyers to purchase a policy at any touchpoint to protect their valuable assets beyond the limits of their traditional homeowner’s policy. 

After delivery 

Enable buyers to manage their policies from a single platform, whether we're covering one high-value object or a full collection.

Create trust at checkout with
transit insurance

Automate quotes, and coverage

Offer transit insurance at the point of sale with intuitive, seamless technology integrated into the checkout process.

A seamless handoff 

Items are insured from the moment we take possession until the moment they arrive at their final destination.

Expertise, outsourced 

Our claims process is straightforward and managed by a dedicated team. We’ll work directly with your buyer towards resolution, or keep you in the loop along the way, your choice. 

Empower buyers to protect
their collections with
valuables insurance

Bridge the gap 

Coverage that goes beyond typical homeowners insurance to protect their new purchases.

For amateurs and professionals 

Offer coverage options to meet their unique needs, whether they just made their first purchase or are looking to protect an entire collection.

Uncomplicated coverage 

Collectors can easily add other treasured items to their coverage and manage their policies in one place.

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