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How Arta helps auction houses

Eliminate the need to bring goods in on consignment

Reduce shipping administrative time & resources

Provide instant shipping quotes & costs to buyers

Carley Nolan,
US Post Sale Manager
“Arta sources white-glove shipping services and other trusted quotes in addition to providing automated communications to our buyers across a multitude of sales. Their assistance allows Bonhams to deliver exceptional customer service throughout our post-sale process.”

Easy tech for complex sales

Save time with instant quotes.

Share shipping quotes directly with clients for review and immediate payment.

Improve buyer experience.

Automate communications and tracking updates.

Centralize data.

Store and manage individual shipment documents all in one place.

End-to-end fulfillment for your most precious items.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can my buyers expect throughout the browsing and checkout process?

Arta offers comprehensive solutions throughout the entire purchasing lifecycle, from discovery to delivery. Through our configurable estimates widget customers can have visibility into shipping pricing while browsing, empowering prospective buyers to make informed decisions when considering a purchase. We eliminate surprise costs, reduce quote times, and minimize the risk of shopping cart abandonment.

We understand that every shipment has its own specific requirements, which is why we offer a range of service tiers and shipping methods to accommodate these differences. Our clients can safely ship their items and address their unique needs through our diverse options. Whether it's white-glove handling for delicate or high-value items, or parcel shipments for smaller packages, our service tiers provide the flexibility to choose the collection, packing, and delivery methods that best suit your objects.

Ensure a cohesive branded experience by customizing every aspect of the checkout and fulfillment process, from booking to tracking and emails. This includes incorporating your own logos, images, and colors to create a consistent visual identity throughout the customer journey. This level of customization not only reinforces brand recognition but also enhances trust and loyalty among your buyers.

How can Arta support my business globally?

Arta offers shipping to numerous countries worldwide, ensuring global coverage for our clients. With our broad network, we facilitate shipping to a diverse range of destinations, enabling businesses and individuals to reach customers worldwide. From major international markets to more remote locations, we strive to provide comprehensive coverage to meet your shipping requirements.

By leveraging ARTA's shipping services, you gain access to our extensive global reach, allowing you to expand your business and connect with customers in numerous countries around the world. We are dedicated to providing reliable and efficient shipping solutions to support your international endeavors.

Our Electronic Commercial Document (ECD) solution simplifies the generation of commercial invoices and automates the export process, facilitating efficient international fulfillment, and adapting to country specific, and object specific requirements.

By leveraging our ECD feature, businesses can streamline export operations, save time on manual paperwork, and improve the overall efficiency of international fulfillment processes. This automation enables businesses to navigate complex international requirements with ease, ensuring a smoother and more successful export experience.

What shipping services does Arta offer?

Across Arta’s Shipping Service tiers, we offer onsite services as well as insurance solutions.

We prioritize the safety and protection of the items we handle. An “all risks” policy covers restoration and repair, not just claims for total loss, intending to preserve these one of a kind items. Transit Insurance covers the object from the moment Arta takes possession through delivery, including any on site services. This means that your item is protected throughout the entire shipping journey, providing peace of mind and safeguarding its value.

Depending on the service tier booked, Arta may quote for onsite collection or destination services, including packing, condition checks, installation, etc. Our comprehensive packing logic will determine a packing method based on the object(s) dimensions, material(s), value(s) and whether the object has been deemed fragile.

What are Arta’s Shipping Service Tiers?

We ensure the secure delivery diverse and valuable items around the world. We do this through fulfillment across 4 service tiers tailored to their unique nature. We understand that every shipment has its own specific requirements, which is why we offer a range of service tiers and shipping methods to accommodate these differences.

Arta offers three full quote tiers.

Premium | For objects that require a high touch white glove service, these shipments are carried out by fine art technicians in climate-controlled, dual driver shuttles. Ideal for high value, fragile fine art and antiques, temperature sensitive objects

Select | Shipments carried out by household movers/LTL middle mile trucks with optional white glove services at collection and delivery, such as assembly and unpacking. Ideal for oversized design objects and furniture; lower value antiques. Non climate, deliveries can be curbside or inside.

Parcel | Collection with custom packaging and release to a common carrier (DHL, FedEx, UPS). Arta will quote out over various transit speeds including Ground, 2nd Day Air, Overnight (Domestic), Priority (Export), and Standard. Ideal for design objects, small artworks, collectibles, and jewelry. Multimodal, signature required is included in all quotes, curbside delivery

Arta’s Self Ship option enables sellers to pack objects in-house and receive a prepaid shipping label via email, saving on time and cost.

Self Ship | Client is provided a label for an already packaged shipment to ship with small parcel provider.

How can Arta’s Self Ship service help with shipping collectables?

Arta's Self Ship option provides sellers with the convenience of packing objects in-house and receiving a prepaid shipping label via email. This option offers significant cost and time savings, particularly for items such as jewelry, watches, and collectibles that can be easily packed by the seller.

When utilizing Self Ship, we’ll collaborate with your business to establish clear guidelines regarding packing expectations, insurance thresholds, and release schedules. Our priority is to ensure a secure and smooth shipping process for your valuable items.

Our shipping labels are designed to be discrete, and do not identify the objects as high value or jewelry. With Arta's Self Ship option, auction houses have greater control over the packing process, reduced shipping costs, and increased peace of mind when sending valuable items by leveraging our all risk insurance policy.

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