Standard Liability

Insurance Coverage

  • Arta Insurance can be added prior to shipment collection
  • Condition reports may be required
  • Full policy available at
  • Claims must be reported to within seven (7) days of delivery

Prohibited Objects

  • Hazardous Materials
  • Alcohol
  • Firearms

Cancellation Policy

*subject to exceptions based on contractual agreements

All Shipments:

  • Quotes are valid for thirty (30) days
  • All quotes are based on known information, final charges based on actuals
  • Services must be booked in advance to guarantee availability
  • Valid address and contact information must be provided at booking
  • Arta is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete shipment information
  • Scheduling will be provided via email and webhook; clients are responsible for configuring delivery of this information to applicable parties
  • Locations are assumed to be vehicle accessible and available during arrival ETA
  • Arrival times are based on local carrier availability subject to change
  • Pre-fabricated crates at collection must be requested in advance
  • Onsite packing and unpacking available on request in advance of booking
  • Additional or replacement packaging may be required at the carrier or Arta's discretion
  • All quotes assume items are for ground floor delivery with elevator and doorway access, stairs and limited access will result in additional fees
  • It is the responsibility of the client to authorize release or receipt at the collection and delivery location(s)
  • Objects not delivered or returned (including empty crates) may accrue additional handling, storage and disposal
  • All quotes assume each location has adequate room for handling, unless otherwise indicated
  • Auction House
  • Sale and Lot numbers must be provided before or at booking
  • Release authorization will be required before collection can be scheduled
  • Sales tax charges must be confirmed and billed by the auction house
  • Trade Show / Art Fair
  • Delivery and collection will occur during fair load in / out hours at the booth, unless otherwise specified
  • Storage of empty crates and packaging is not included unless requested
  • Billing will be based on actual labor

Arta Premium

  • Temperature controlled available, air ride, dual driver
  • All objects are handled by trained art technicians
  • Scheduling not guaranteed at booking
  • Additional fees may apply for any ride flat, hinged or specific orientation during transit
  • Any single item over 97″H /247 cm or 150lbs / 70kg is considered oversize, not manageable by two techs, and may require additional handlers
  • Simple installation assumes easy access, no stairs, eye level, no ladders, on drywall or sheetrock, and hanging mechanisms are provided with the artwork
  • A 2 hour window will be provided within 24 hours in advance of arrival
  • Shipments may include cross-docking or temporary storage

Arta Select

  • Vehicles are not temperature controlled
  • Schedules are based on local availability, calls will be made 24hrs in advance
  • Deliveries can be curbside or inside – must be confirmed before booking
  • Deliveries must accommodate a 55′ trailer or additional fees may apply
  • Unpacking is not included unless specifically requested
  • Review all listed services and condition of objects prior to signing the BOL

Arta Parcel

  • Signature required on all insured shipments
  • Unframed artworks will only be rolled with explicit guidance from the seller

Arta Self Ship

  • Sellers are required to follow packing recommendations or contact Arta with alternative packing requests
  • Labels will be ready within one (1) to two (2) business days after booking
  • Sellers are responsible for scheduling pickups or dropping off


  • Client must provide commercial invoice, supporting documents, and relevant customs information prior to shipment dispatch
  • Unless otherwise stated in the quote, duties and taxes are not included and must be paid upon arrival at destination country
  • Storage, warehouse handling and inspection fees are not included in quoted rate and will be presented to billing party if applicable
  • For all U.S. Imports an Importer of Record is required to complete a POA (Power of Attorney) during the import Customs clearance formalities
  • For European shipments, unless otherwise stated, all quotes assume that the artwork(s) is in “Free Circulation”
  • Any temporary admission needs to be requested at the time of quoting

Air Freight

  • Must Fly must be booked in advance
  • Transit times are not guaranteed; airlines reserve the right to bump or delay standard freight at their own discretion
  • All crates must meet international shipping standards (ie. ISPM-15 “Bug Stamped”)
  • Crates that exceed 62″/ 158 cm are required to fly via a freighter aircraft
  • Airfreight shipments flying passenger assume pickup location is registered with TSA as “Known Shipper”. If unknown, freighter flights are required.
  • Direct flights are not guaranteed
  • Road Feeder Service may be used

Sea Freight

  • LCL shipments are subject to crating
  • Port to Port transit is ten (10) to fifteen (15) weeks on average
  • Specialty clearance requirements may not be eligible for LCL
  • Containers are not climate or temperature controlled
  • Sea freight U.S. imports require ISF 10+2 matching submitted 24-48 hours after vessel sailing

Additional Services available upon request during quoting:

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