February 27, 2024
Sarah Seiler

2023 Sustainability Report

We are proud to announce our continued support for Art to Acres, an impactful initiative dedicated to land conservation to support climate, Indigenous peoples, and biodiversity. 2023 marks our fourth year of collaboration, with our donation set to protect a 66,633-acre region in the Yanuncay Zhucay Municipal Conservation Area, Ecuador.

Along with this donation, our 2023 Sustainability Report outlines a remarkable 31.38% reduction in emissions compared to 2022.  In our report, we highlight which efforts contributed to this reduction, including shifts in client behavior like the rise of peer-to-peer marketplaces, and changes in clients' practices such as the adoption of our Self Ship feature.

Our sustainability initiatives continue to be rooted in transparency, curiosity, and the belief that access to emissions reporting is the foundation for our clients to start a conversation internally. We are proud to be the facilitator of these reports, producing emissions data internally, and extending emissions reporting across our entire client base. We're dedicated to ensuring our efforts are impactful and consistent, investing resources across our team to drive change.

Download our report to delve into the details.

Sarah Seiler

Sarah is a marketer at Arta. She is driven by her curiosity around complex processes and her enthusiasm for utilizing technology to simplify and make these systems more accessible.

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