February 15, 2024
Sarah Seiler

Serious Susan and a Sour Surprise: A Case for Price Transparency

This is a fictional case study that is not data-driven but illustrative. Serious Susan is an amalgamation of our shared clients and an alliteration that makes reading fun.

Meet Susan

Serious Susan is in the market for a painting to hang in her bedroom — she is taking this endeavor, well, seriously. She has researched different small businesses, styles, sizes, and framing options that will best suit her home. She has landed on a watercolor piece, matted on a millennial-pink board, that fits perfectly above her bed. She’s done the research and made a spreadsheet or two. The marketplace she is purchasing from supports local artists and donates a portion of the proceeds to art classes at the local elementary school. Well-researched and excited to add some color to her walls, Serious Susan “Adds to Cart” and proceeds to checkout.

Serious Susan is met with a surprise. Shipping costs. At $45.00 to pack and ship, the shipping costs are 20% of what she expected to spend on the $225.00 watercolor. Turned off by the sticker shock, Serious Susan returns to her search.

The Problem   

Well-researched shoppers like Susan need to feel informed for a transaction to be won. Thoughtful initiatives that showcase your brand values and incentivize prospects are negated when buyers experience surprise costs at checkout. Curious shoppers generally convert to loyal buyers when they feel like they are in control of a transaction. Especially when shopping for unique and novel items, prospective buyers are informed and thoughtful when transacting.

How can we extend thoughtfulness to prospective buyers and ensure they are at the center of their own checkout experience?

The Solution 

Our estimate widget enables curious shoppers to obtain instant shipping estimates while browsing so they can confidently approach checkout. Proactively providing pricing eliminates any surprises at checkout, creates space for education and engagement, and allows you to show off your expertise within the industry. Providing interactive tools places the shopper at the center of their browsing experience. Confident shoppers convert, and confidence is built through transparency and independence.

This small widget is backed by the mighty power of Arta’s tech, delivering sophisticated estimates on your website and storefronts. It’s pretty, too! With our most recent deployment, the widget supports extensive customization features to fit into your storefront seamlessly.

Seal the deal and convert your shoppers to buyers by harnessing the power of our Estimates Widget to guide informed shoppers across the finish line.

Sarah Seiler

Sarah is a marketer at Arta. She is driven by her curiosity around complex processes and her enthusiasm for utilizing technology to simplify and make these systems more accessible.

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